Referring member needs to be a current Gold's Gym member & in good standing with Gold's Gym

   The referring member has 30 days to log onto the website to claim their referral and choose
     a Gold's Gym reward. If member does not claim the referral within 30 days, the referral
     credit is forfeited.

   Referring member must have a start date no later than the referred members start date.

   Referring member does not qualify for a referral reward if the referring or referred member has a
     staff, spouse or other promotional membership.

   Only one referring member can receive a reward per referred. If more than one member refers the
     same person, a reward will be granted to the member who first claims the referral on the website.

   Both the referring and referred member must have a valid membership bar code.

   Referral reward is not redeemable for cash & is non-transferable.

   No returns or exchanges on referral rewards.